My iPhone 7 just frozen right after the Passcode was entered. So basically it's frozen on the home screen right before the apps animates / slides in on the home screen.

I've tried holding the sleep / wake button + home button down with no luck. Nothing happens. I'm able to slide down the notification center and type and search in the box but then I try to open an app nothing happens.

If I press and hold to activate Siri, she appears for a second then turns off as if I pressed the home button again.

I've tried connecting the iPhone to a Mac but as it's Passcode enabled it tells me to unlock it and then replug it which I'm not able to do.

Any idea on how I can move forward? I could wait for the battery to drain but since it's at 91% it will take a while and I was hoping for a quicker fix.


To force shutdown the iPhone 7 you need to hold volume down button and the sleep/wake button.


hold down the Volume/down button and the Sleep/wake button at the same time until it restarts again, then let both go. When that does not solve it: the same again, but only let go of the Sleepwake button when you see the apple start symbol. Then a connect to iTunes symbol appears. then connect to iTunes and restore the iPhone.


I made a Quick Video Guide on How My Iphone 7 will not Turn off! FIXED!


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