I'm a new Mac user (macOS Sierra on MacBook pro).

Coming from Windows, I used PuTTY as my terminal emulator which was fairly simple but quite useful.

I'm looking for a terminal emulation program that copies text to the clipboard upon selection (and not requiring my to hit CommandC), like in PuTTY.

Is there such an app?

Thank you. Daniel


iTerm2 has this functionality.

It's actually really easy to use and works exactly like you describe - you select your type and then middle click to paste within iTerm.

iTerm2 has many more features that make it far and away better than PuTTY and the best part is that it's free (as in beer) like PuTTY.

enter image description here

Above screenshot, I have selected the content of my Guest directory. No clicks or keyboard shortcuts have been pressed.

In the image below, I simply press CommandV and paste it from the clipboard to TextEdit. This is out of the box functionality - I haven't made any modifications to key combinations within iTerm2.

enter image description here

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  • Hi, it's not quite what it does. when you mark text in iTerm2 it isn't copied to the clipboard (cmd+v won't paste anything). If you middle click it copies & pastes but I'm looking for a solution that doesn't require me to switch between the keyboard and the mouse. – Daniel Haviv Jan 12 '17 at 11:46
  • I just tested it and it works exactly as described. – Allan Jan 12 '17 at 11:47
  • You mark something, hit cmd+v and it pastes the marked text? – Daniel Haviv Jan 12 '17 at 11:52
  • Yup. Just did it again and took screen shots. – Allan Jan 12 '17 at 11:53
  • Yep, you are right. don't know how I missed it previously. Thank you! – Daniel Haviv Jan 12 '17 at 11:56

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