I'm having an issue with "Preview" on the Mac. When I open a document with it, I can't find the button to delete it while in preview. What I have to do now is open Launchpad to drag the document to the Trash. Does anyone know how to delete a file while in Preview?

  • I think there was a brief era when this worked. Then it stopped. To this day, I still try to hit various "Delete" key combos while I'm in Preview.
    – benc
    Sep 13, 2023 at 18:07

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According to this answer, you can't delete the last file that's open in a Preview window:

Preview won't allow you to cmd-delete, or "move to trash", or even drag and drop to trash, the last file it has open.

If there is more than one PDF open in a single Preview window however, you can delete them up until the last one.

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