When selecting the Apple on the top bar and then 'Shut Down' or 'Restart', Finder won't show the alert that asks you to confirm that you want to restart or shut down the computer (the one with the timer). Spotlight not working, and no dots under active apps...

I tried relaunching Finder but that didn't work.

Any ideas?

  • Did you try to close all running apps first?
    – IconDaemon
    Commented Jan 9, 2017 at 15:42
  • When I close all running apps the top bar disappears
    – Hugo
    Commented Jan 9, 2017 at 15:45
  • Did you try to close all running apps but keep Finder running? Is this a one-off thing or does it happen regularly? Can you add a screenshot of the Force Quit dialog showing all running applications?
    – nohillside
    Commented Jan 9, 2017 at 15:50
  • First time this is happening, Force Quit dialog when apps are running shows the apps but doesn't show Finder. I'm not sure how to show the Force Quit dialog with all the apps closed because when there's no apps running the top bar disappears.
    – Hugo
    Commented Jan 9, 2017 at 15:56
  • If Finder is not running, the Shutdown/Restart commands aren't going to work. Try restarting Finder by clicking its icon in the Dock.
    – IconDaemon
    Commented Jan 9, 2017 at 18:01

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You can still reboot your Mac even if the Shut Down prompt never appears: holding down the power button for at least 30 seconds will cause your Mac to force shut down, then releasing the power button and pressing and holding again until the Apple logo appears will allow you to start it up again.

If your Mac doesn't have a power button key, you can force a shut down by pressing and holding control + option + command + eject .

Source and more info here.

tl;dr: Hold the power button for a while!

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