I currently have libmobiledevice installed on my Mac and would like to use it (or another tool) to retrieve the ECID from my iPhone which would be connected via USB.

To install ibmobiledevice on my Mac, I enterned the bash command `` in terminal which has given me access to the following commands.

idevice_id                idevicecrashreport        idevicedebugserverproxy
ideviceimagemounter       idevicename               ideviceprovision
idevicebackup             idevicedate               idevicediagnostics
ideviceinfo               idevicenotificationproxy  idevicescreenshot
idevicebackup2            idevicedebug              ideviceenterrecovery
ideviceinstaller          idevicepair               idevicesyslog

I have tried ideviceinfo, however, I cannot seem to the ECID infomation.


You simply run this command:

ideviceinfo | grep UniqueChipID

The "unique chip ID" is what you know as the ECID.

Note: iTunes shows the ECID as a hexadecimal value, while ideviceinfo shows it as a decimal value.

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