I think my macOS works in some debug mode, but I'm not sure, because when I open Console, I see a lot of log entries every second, despite not doing much. If I enabled that mode, I don't remember how it was enabled. There are some entries regarding memory allocation, and some other.

Before I didn't see so much logs, unless it's a Sierra thing.

I don't have any extras in boot-args section when running: nvram -p.

Here is the example:

Console macOS logs

How do I lower the verbosity of my logs? Or such thing is expected?

I'm aware that I can filter the logs by choosing Errors and Faults, but this is not what I'm looking for.


No, reducing verboseness of the macOS logs is not a standard option.

While there may be a Terminal command/flag or a mod GUI app that lets you change the error levels recorded, I'd advise against doing so because if and when you need support/help, the console logs will be one of the places a tech person would review, and if they're truncated then there's less clues for the person investigating an issue.

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You can change the system-wide logging settings with log(1).

sudo log config --mode "level: error"

…should limit logging to error-level messages only.

I have not tested this, and I would advise against it. Rather use the log command in collaboration with the Console application to filter only the messages you want to see.

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I also experience this and most of the log messages look completely uninteresting and I am wondering if that write operations are bad for the flash storage in the long run...

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