Encountering a really bizarre error on a new iMac (5K, Late 2015) that is running Sierra.

There is a folder called "Job applications" in my Documents folder that shows up in a Finder search of This Mac with a search string of "Job".

A search string of "Job applications", however, returns no results at all.

Oddly, "Job ", "Job a", "Job ap", "Job app", etc. through "Job applicatio" returns results that include the folder. "Job applicatio" search But as soon as the string is "Job application" all search results disappear. "Job application" search

Other folders have the same issue while others do not. If I make a brand new folder called "Job applications", the problem persists. My old iMac (27", Late 2009) running El Capitan (from which I transferred the files to my new iMac) has the same issue. My Macbook Pro (Retina, 13", Early 2015) running Sierra does not have the problem.

I believe Finder uses the same index as Spotlight, which is confusing since Spotlight correctly returns the results. I rebuilt the index for the Desktop folder, which contains some of the problematic folders, to no avail. Any ideas? I'll try rebuilding the entire index in the meantime.

Thank you

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