I'm facing an issue with Logic Pro X (on macOS Sierra) and Logic Remote on my iPad. Up until recently, controlling Logic Pro X with the iPad was working perfectly fine, but since a couple of weeks ago (might have been related to an update of either Logic Pro X, or Logic Remote), the mixing controls on the iPad are no longer working.

When I try to change a track's volume on the iPad, nothing happens in Logic Pro X, instead, the track's volume slider on the iPad drops down to zero and can't be moved anymore. This happens with all tracks in all of my Logic Pro X projects. Restarting the MacBook or the iPad has not fixed the issue.

What can I do to get this working again?


I found that deleting the Logic Remote device in Logic Pro X's Control Surface Setup screen fixes the issue:

  • In Logic Pro X, go to Logic Pro X > Control Surfaces > Setup...
  • Find the device that is representing the iPad's Logic Remote app.
  • Right-click the entry and select Delete
  • Close down the iPad's Logic Remote app and restart it.
  • Wait for it to connect to Logic Pro X and the mixing controls will work fine again.

Control Surface Setup

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