Does Apple Watch Series 2 support all bluetooth headphones, or do I need to check for specific bluetooth requirements before buying?

Most of the sites suggest Beats Jaybird. Will the watch not work with common bluetooth headphones?


According to a support article from Apple the Apple Watch Series 2 has a Bluetooth 4.0 chip. So common bluetooth headphones should also work with the Watch.


I Had been having a ton of issues trying to get my Apple Watch Series 2 to recognize the Bluetooth headset saying unable to pair make sure it's on pairing mode and try again.

I finally figured it out. Here's how to get it to connect.

  • First turn off the Apple Watch
  • Now turn it back on
  • Get the Bluetooth headset in pairing mode again
  • Open Bluetooth settings on the Watch
  • Touch to pair

For me it connected like a charm using this process!

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