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Why does “Copy” replace stuff instead of merging it?

In Windows, if I overwrite a folder abc/doc to def/doc, (1) files existing in abc/doc but not in def/doc are simply added to def/doc; (2) files existing in def/doc but not in abc/doc do not change; and (3) files existing in both folders are replaced. But in Mac, all files in def/doc are deleted and files in abc/doc are copied. I am not talking about which should be the more correct behavior, but was wondering if Mac can be tuned to how Windows behave, because I am more comfortable with such behavior.

I found that Lion now behaves just like Windows, but in Snow Leopard or older version, how can I make Mac OS behave like what I described?

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The short answer is that you cannot accomplish this using the Finder. A third-party solution like Path Finder could be what you're looking for. Path Finder can merge on paste.

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