I have two Macbook pro retina's:

  • MbPro 15" retina late 2015 El Capitan
  • MbPro 15" retina mid 2012 El Capitan

The first one is able to pair with the Magic Trackpad (not the "2" - instead the older version).

But the 2012 one has the following behavior:

  • initially detects the trackpad -including showing the serial #
  • but then cannot complete the pairing - and I'm back to square one.

The initial detection of the trackpad happened several times.

enter image description here

But usually I do not even get that far: the trackpad is simply not detected.

There is obviously no problem with signal or batteries (new): the trackpad works all day on the other MBPro.

What should I look for as potential culprits and fixes?


Just found a related question and answer: apparently the trackpad can only be paired with one mac at a time - even if the other one were powered off (as is the case here)

How can I pair my Magic Trackpad with multiple Macs?

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