On my old computer, I had the following setup:

  1. iTunes Folder containing iTunes Library.itl on my main hard disk (~/Music/iTunes)
  2. Music folder on a second HD where all the actual music files lived (I had checked "Keep library organized").

My new laptop has only one HD, so manually I copied the Music Folder (2) to the new HD and put the iTunes Library.itl, iTunes Library Extras and iTunes Library Genius into it (both from a time machine backup).

Opening iTunes brings up a blank library. When I open iTunes by clicking the app icon while holding alt, choose the library it says:

iTunes library is not valid. iTunes has created a new library and renamed the original to "iTunes library (damaged)".

(translated from German)

I am using Apple Music, too. Am I missing something?

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    There's should be another iTunesLibrary.xml which needs to be moved too
    – Tetsujin
    Commented Dec 29, 2016 at 17:01

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As user33958 has pointed out, iTunes Library.xml needs to be copied too.

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