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I wasn't able to find full, straight-from-the-Apple's-mouth release notes for Sierra, but you can find developer-level release notes for all versions of macOS since OS X 10.6 on this page on the Apple developer website. The notes for macOS Sierra 10.12 can be found here and those for 10.12.1 can be found here. However, note the caveat:

This document describes key developer-level features that were introduced in different versions of macOS.

This document is not intended as a complete list of features or changes for each new version of macOS. Instead, it focuses on those features or changes that affect the development of third-party software, providing overviews of each along with insight into how and when you might use them to create your own software.

  • Thanks @timothymh! I had already seen the developer what's new page, but as you agreed, it's not really what I was after. I'd say the page has gone EOL along with all the USB 3 ports and headphone jacks!
    – sansSpoon
    Commented Dec 30, 2016 at 11:40

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