I have just bought a new Macbook Pro with the Sierra OS. What I have found is that using the trackpad to move "back" and "forwards" between webpages, goes in the opposite direction to what I would expect.

For example, let's say I visit webpage A, then webpage B, and then webpage C. I now want to navigate back to A, and so my natural instinct would be to swipe two fingers on the trackpad from right to left. However, it seems that doing this actually moves the webpages forwards. So, in order to navigate back to A, I actually need to swipe my two fingers from left to right.

This seems odd that it would be the default, because it feels much more natural that swiping to the right is forwards, and swiping to the left is backwards.

Is this really the default setting? And if so, is there any way I can change it to the opposite?



That's the default and it actually makes sense if you consider the visual metaphor of moving between pages in a book, magazine, or newspaper. To back from C --> A in a book you swipe the pages from left to right. If you grab a page and move it from the right to the left, you're moving forward thru the book.

It's the same with the trackpad. You can change this in Settings --> Trackpad. If you use any other Apple product, they all use the same direction for moving between pages.

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Maybe it will help if you think of the swiping as if you were moving the current page out of the way to get to the page you want. In your example - you are trying to get back to page A from C. Imagine them in a line, oldest to the left, newest to the right. You are pushing the current page, C to the right, by swiping in a left to right movement to get to page B and then A.

Hope that helps!

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