The iPhone's keyboard seems extremely diligent with its autocorrection.

Problem is, I very frequently type words that aren't in the dictionary (proper names, foreign words, etc...).

In some Android keyboards, there is a function to undo a word that was autocorrected to the original spelling—is such a functionality available in iPhone's default keyboard?

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There's a pretty simple way to undo any auto-correct on the iPhone's keyboard: if you type a word that autocorrects, just hit the delete key, and a popup of suggestions for that word will pop up. The first suggestion is the word you had before it was autocorrected.

So say you type thid, which autocorrects to this, but you really meant to type thid. Just type thid, then hit space, then backspace, then a popup with the word thid will appear. Tap it to undo the autocorrection.

Here's a video.

Image of undoing autocorrect in Notes

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