Alright, I had another initial post draft written, but then I just found something:

wunderlisthelper will not die...

kill -9 will cause it to reopen with another pid. I keep hard killing it, and it keeps jumping to a new process.

91617 ??         0:00.55 QA2G25RMZ4.com.wunderkinder.wunderlist-helper

What is this?

The initial prob is that shutdown/restart will work if not logged in, but will not work if logged into any account. I've tried MANY methods to solve the issue - nothing yet. All other diagnostics (hardware and software) are good.

Also fwiw there is some trouble with force-quit other apps, but maybe unrelated.

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wunderlisthelper runs in the background and restarts automatically due to the loaded launch agent. You can disable it from Wunderlist preferences.


  • Alright, with troubleshooting exhaustion I was hoping I found the problem. Keep going... Thanks for the answer
    – vv111y
    Commented Dec 22, 2016 at 20:07

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