I would like to create a bootable USB flash drive for Leopard. I have a Leopard disc. My mac is running macOS Sierra. I know that you could do this before Disk Utility was redesigned. Is it still possible to do this in Sierra's Disk Utility? In the case it doesn't work, is there a free alternative? Thank you.

I tried asking this question before How can I create a bootable Leopard Flash Drive in macOS Sierra? but it was marked as duplicate. Please understand the difference in this question. I WANT TO DO THIS IN SIERRA WITH DISK UTILITY. Disk Utility was redesigned in El Capitan and I don't know how to do it anymore.

I have Leopard and Snow Leopard discs which I want to archive onto a USB flash drive to avoid having the disc scratched. I want to keep a good copy of Apple's retro operating systems.

Please understand the question before flagging as a duplicate.

Thank you :)

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