Yesterday I updated my iPhone 6S to iOS 10.2, and now I cannot access web sites requiring client certificates. Safari prompts me for the client certificate to use but then immediately crashes. I tried with my iPad running iOS 10.0.1 and it works just fine. On my Mac / PC it works with any browser whatsoever.

Can someone else confirm this problem?


Ok. This clearly has something to do with StartSSL / WoSign (client) certificates.

Even though there is no error and Safari just crashes, everything works when I try self signed client certs or client certs from another root CA.

Very weird ...


This is why:


I've tried adding as root certificate the CA, but still not working. Maybe I miss something.

Hope it helps someway.

  • Please change link to English. I think it is a simple “es-us” —> “en-us” – JBis May 30 '18 at 1:08

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