Any idea what the part number is for this MacBook Air (A1466) logic board, or where I can find it printed on the board?

MacBook Air (A1466) logic board

It has no xxx-xxxx-x number on it and the serial number returns a different board type. I'd like to find out the actual part number so that I can replace the board.

The box says i5 (1.3 GHz) 4 GB, year 2013. I've given my serial number to three suppliers who've all sent me a different logic board. Something is amiss somewhere between the original config and the board now. So if I can just match this board, it would be great.


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There are a number of logic boards that correspond to the A1466 model of the Apple MacBook Air 13", some of which I have listed below1, but I have highlighted the one for the year that you specified:

  • 820-3209-A 661-6632 1,8 GHz 2012
  • 820-3437-B 661-7476 1.3 GHz 2013
  • 820-3437-B 661-00062 (4GB) 1.4 GHz 2014
  • 820-3437-B 661-00063 (8GB) 1.4 GHz 2014
  • 820-00165-A 661-02391 (4GB) 1.6 GHz 2015 EMC=2925

1 There may be some missing, especically w.r.t. the memory configuration


The part number is normally in the area where the SSD would be; in this case, hidden under that white sticker. I do not believe your board is 820-00165 because I'm comparing it to one of those right now. Although its general shape is the same, some of the components are laid out differently.

EDIT May 28 2022: Here's a photo of the 820-00165 board that I have. It's build 653-0023.MacBook Air logic board 820-00165


Logic board Macbook Air A1466 2015 13" i5 1.6GHz 8Gb RAM 820-00165

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