Today I received a message saying there is only 18 GB left.

In the last few days I don't think I used so much space in the disk.

Is there some way to check the disk usage history? In a way to see how much disk was consumed in the last day/week/month.

  • There used to be a daily cronjob with output in Console for that, not sure if OS still has that. Last time I looked at that was in Leopard. – John Keates Dec 17 '16 at 4:03

I suggest you to use the DaisyDisk application (a free trial is also available -- see the link).

This app help you to find out how you are using the space and so you can identify what is occupying a large amount of space in your HD. It does not provide a historical record, so unless you are using a tool and logging that information, you might have to focus on what's present now rather than looking back.

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