I've had many iCloud related problems in the past and all have all been fixable. This one I can't crack so am asking here. Since around 2 months iCloud sync has been broken for the Notes.app on the Mac, and Reminders.app on the iPad.

Notes on macOS

Notes on iOS is fine for me and syncs properly, i.e. if I make an update on my iPhone, it syncs correctly to my iPad, etc. With Notes on the mac, it receives updates (changes I make on iOS show up on Notes on the Mac) however changes I make on Notes on the Mac do not get synced anywhere.

I've also tested with iCloud on the web and it works perfectly, in the same way as described for iOS devices. So the problem is specifically with pushing changes to iCloud from Notes on the Mac.

Reminders on iOS (iPad)

I have a similar problem with Reminders on iOS, but only on my iPad. It receives updates made from my iPhone, Mac, and even iCloud web, but any changes or new records I create on my iPad are never propagated anywhere.

Remedies I've Tried

  • signing out from iCloud on the Mac (very painful) and signing back in: made no difference
  • deselecting and re-selecting Notes from iOS > Settings > iCloud: made no difference
  • same for Reminders
  • restarting all devices

I can't really do a full reinstall of macOS as I'm abroad, does anyone have any suggestions?

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