It happens that I noticed a text insert I had pasted in an image in Preview 7 (Sierra on MacBookAir had been rotated I don't know how this happened but the text insert is definitely not horizontal. So there must be a way to rotate inserts. I haven't yet found out. Can anyone tell me?


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You can rotate inserts and annotations, like text boxes, rectangles or signatures, by arbitrary angles:

Hold the Command ⌘ key and rotate the selected annotation with two fingers on a trackpad.

As far as I know this only works with trackpads and is undocumented. It works on macOS High Sierra.

This is from an apple communities question: How can I rotate the text box in Preview


Rotating with command + the trackpad (per the other answer) worked for me, but only after I enabled the "rotate" gesture in System Preferences > Trackpad (see screenshot) (OS X 10.14 Mojave)

enter image description here

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