Brand new SSD. Fresh install of macOS Sierra with the latest update 10.12.1.

When using sudo trimforce enable it enables successfully and reboots the machine. After the reboot during the first 20-30 seconds built-in keyboard and trackpad stop responding and they never recover back. The only fix is to disable trim: sudo trimforce disable.

When trim is disabled everything works absolutely fine - no issues with keyboard nor trackpad.

What could cause such behaviour?


a. Trim is not really necessary on modern SSD's. GarbageCollection works pefectly fast when there is enough free space, say 20% or more. b. Do not use Trim when the SSD has not a modern Marvel controller (never install trim on a SSD with Sandforce controller. The new Sandisk SSDs have a Marvel controller, I do not know what controller is in the Sandisk Plus.

  • Why would then TRIM be enabled on the new 2016 original Apple SSD's? – alljamin Dec 7 '16 at 21:33

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