We have an office of about 15 Mac computers, and I'm looking to setup a Mac Mini server, to centralise the management of these devices. I've setup the Mac Mini server with the Server app and enabled both the Open Directory and Profile Manager roles.

I've enabled the option to sign configuration profiles and selected the Signing Certificate certificate.

In the profile manager, I've created an enrollment profile and unticked the restrict use to devices with placeholders option.

On the computer that I want to join, I've first installed the trust profile and then I've run the enrollment profile to join the computer.

The computer shows up under the usage as having joined the profile, and under devices, it's successfully adding the device (including the Serial Number and Computer Name), but it's only adding it as a placeholder.

I can't seem to find anyone who is in a similar situation than me, but I should add the following:

  • We use a managed service, and don't have access to our firewall rules, so I'm not sure if we need to make any exceptions
  • Nothing is showing up under activity (active or completed tasks)
  • Our financials are handled by our parent company, so there is no way for me to get a DUNS number, so therefore no way for me to enroll in the device enrollment program.

Is there anything I can do to centralise the management of my computers without having a DUNS number and/or making firewall changes?


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