I'm using iTunes 12.5.3 on Windows 10. I am trying to create a smart playlist that selects songs from other playlists, limited by storage. (Much like in How do I configure a Smart Playlist to show songs not in other Playlists?)

I have a number of these lists already, which I created several years ago, with a previous version of iTunes.

My problem now is that I am unable to select any particular playlist in the smart playlist dialog. The playlist name is defaulted to "Music", as shown here:


Further, if I open one of my existing examples, the dialog will show the playlist(s) I'm harvesting, but won't let me edit the playlist names.

What is going on here? How can I fix things so this works?

I know that an alternative solution is recreate the rules that form the source playlists in a new smart playlist, with the additional size restriction. This is what I'm now doing as a work-around, but it would be preferable to just get the feature working like it once did.

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Hi placed exactly the same question in one of the Apple forums, and I received this helpful reply:

The playlist selection drop down has been broken in the last few builds and doesn't expand properly, however once you have selected it the up and down cursor keys should still let you chose a list to refer to.


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