My kid likes to listen to music on her iPad, but she can't read yet (she's working on it) so she has to play each song for a few seconds to find the song to which she wants to listen. Is there a way to enable VoiceOver for just the Music app? Enabling it for the entire device is annoying. Or is there an alternate way to play music that will speak the song titles?


You can't enable VoiceOver for just one app, but you can easily turn VoiceOver on and off.

Method 1(Siri): Just launch Siri(by pressing and holding the home button), and say "Turn on Voice Over", and and Siri will reply(no reading necessary). You can also turn Voice Over off, by saying "Turn of Voice Over" when you leave the app.

siri screenshot

Method 2(Acessibility Shortcut): Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut and tap "VoiceOver". Now whenever you triple-click the home button, it will enable voice over, and when you triple click it again, it will disable VoiceOver.

accessibility shortcut

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