I'm looking for a way to assign a shortcut for the right click button Look Up. So that I can just select some text and call that without using the mouse. Below is the pop-up that shows up when you look something up.

I'm aware of the "Look Up in Dictionary" service and ability to assign a shortcut for that but it's not the same.

Look Up Pop Up

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You could try adding the keyboard shortcut for "Look Up in Dictionary"

enter image description here

Once you have that set, you can add a dictation command (assuming you have advanced dictation enabled) by just selecting any text and speak the phrase "make this speakable" which will open this dialog box..

enter image description here

Use what ever phrase you want, then select keyboard shortcut in the drop-down menu and enter in the same shortcut you set in your system preferences. Now you have a keyboard shortcut and a dictation command

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