Hi I am trying to install windows 10 on my macbook pro 8,2(late 2011), when I open Bootcamp it is having options to create windows 10 installation in usb as seen in image.

enter image description here

Now, I am able to create the windows 10 install disk sucessfully using the iso, but after that the bootcamp popups the error message as seen in image

enter image description here

So after reading the message i decided to make windows 7 install disk which not in the list but i tried checking the same windows 10 option and added the iso file of windows 7 then again the bootcamp pops up the the error as seen in image

enter image description here

As seen it is not allowing me to go in both the cases, if I do the partition manually it is also not seen in startup disks also.

Want to install windows on mac any kind of suggession will be helpfull.


it should be possible to install Windows 7 on your Mac using Boot Camp. Apple has a rather lengthy KB article on exactly how you should proceed.

  • my bootcamp version is 6, when i check at last option that is windows 10 install is says only windows 7 is supported by this mac but doesnot provide any option to create windows 7 install disk. – Ajit Hogade Nov 30 '16 at 18:40

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