I like to use Up Next in Apple Music on my iPhone, and sometimes I want to clear its contents to add new music to it. Earlier in iOS 9 it was possible but now I don’t see any way to do this in iOS 10.

Is it possible to CLEAR the Up Next queue?

(I know how to delete a single track from the queue)

Using iPhone 7, iOS 10.2 (Public Beta)

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One workaround to clear the queue and also to play a single song:

  • Quit the Music app. This will clear the "Up Next" queue.
  • Find the song you want to play alone.
  • Tap–hold the song to hail the contextual menu.
  • Tap "Play Next". This creates a new queue for the lone song.
  • Tap the queue and play the song.

I admit it's frustrating in that it interrupts music if already playing. And it's unintuitive.


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