I bought a brand new MacBook Pro 13" 2015 (8GB RAM, i5, 128 SSD) 7 months ago. The thing is, my Mac works and I love it, but a couple of months ago, without doing anything, loading web pages even with Chrome as with Safari is extremely slow. My girlfriend has a Windows laptop and it works perfectly and when I connect to a different Wi-Fi router it works great. So my guess is there is a problem with my Mac related to my router.

I have tried several solutions already - I changed all of the DNS servers you can imagine in macOS and on my router as well, restarted my network settings, excellent namebench to see which is the right DNS for me, clearing caches... But nothing helped.

I must say that I don't have this problem 100% of the time, but more like 70% of the time. Sometimes it's like suddenly the problem goes away. Speed test gives me 52.42 mbps download and 3.09 mbps upload and I always connect via Wi-Fi and not ethernet.


This is the result of the following command:

ping -c 100 -s 1992 -q
--- ping statistics ---  
100 packets transmitted, 20 packets received, 80.0% packet loss  
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 2.424/10.420/56.773/11.580 ms

80% packet loss sound like a lot. What should I exactly do with iStumbler?

  • Open Network Utilities and send 50 or 100 pings to when your internet is giving you problems, and add the results (not all the pings, please) to your answer. You can also do the same when it's working ok, to compare. Commented Nov 27, 2016 at 22:37
  • What is your internet speed supposed to be?
    – CJT3
    Commented Dec 5, 2016 at 15:43

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Internet or Wi-Fi problem

Open System Preferences... > Network > Wi-Fi > Advanced... > TCP/IP and note the IP address of your Wi-Fi router.

Let's say it is

When you are in your bad network situation, open a Terminal and enter the following command:

ping -c 100 -s 1992 -q

to check your Wi-Fi quality of connection and let run this command for nearly 2 minutes. Make a copy of the result and include it in your question.

If is tells 0% packet lost, then your problem is a general Internet problem. If it tells your that you have some packets lost, then your problem is on the Wi-Fi side.

I suspect that this might be your case.

Analyse a Wi-Fi problem

Download the iStumbler software:


This version is free:

iStumbler 99

This is an excellent quality software and running without problem on from Snow Leopard to Yosemite (I didn't yet tested it on El Capitan or Sierra).

When you are in your bad network situation, let iStumbler run for 10 minutes, order the output along the Level column in decreasing order. Make a screen capture and include it in your question.

IP or DNS problem

Open a Terminal and enter the following command:

dig www.apple.com

This command will ask your DNS server how it does resolve the www.apple.com in an IP address.

Include the output in your question.

  • Hey Daniel! Thanks a lot for the answer! Of course that my Internet suddenly is running out ok right now! But as soon as I have the issues again I will run the command and upload the answer here!
    – Amir Baum
    Commented Dec 1, 2016 at 16:24

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