I am looking for an Evernote alternative with the following requirements:

  • Cloud syncing
  • iPhone and iPad app
  • passcode lock (with encryption) - Yes, Evernote can encode notes, but only from the desktop client. And I would prefer 1 global lock rather than encrypting all my notes one-by-one
  • Evernote's rich text editor sucks and cannot be turned off, but I prefer plaintext
  • An OS X native app would be great (but I don't mind if it's web only for the desktop)
  • Nice to have: lists (like Wunderlist)
  • Nice to have: private sharing with friends / colleagues / family members

Have you come across such an app?

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I guess SimpleNote meet your requirements.

  • It does sync to the cloud.
  • The iOS app is universal
  • You can lock the app with a passcode
  • It's plaintext only
  • There's no SimpleNote desktop app per se, but there's a public API and a lot of great software use it that you can find here.
    And there's also a web app
  • There's no list, but there are tags.
  • You can share your notes.

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