There is a new "Reduce Motion" on macOS Sierra. If you turn that on and swipe to change desktops, I noticed that when you start swiping, all my desktop icons completely disappear and I only reappear when I've completely switched to the next desktop.

This is extremely annoying, as I change desktops quite a lot and despise the way the icons keep flashing when changing desktops (after all, I enabled the option in order to reduce the visual effects on the screen). Does anyone know how I can disable this?

  • Reduce Motion removed motion, not visual effects. – At0mic Nov 26 '16 at 16:18
  • So you're saying you don't experience this problem? – Skeleton Bow Nov 26 '16 at 16:30
  • It is a feature. Whats wrong? do you mean the apps in your launchpad or your file icons on your desktop? vague much. – OzzieSpin Nov 26 '16 at 16:57

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