The following things I've done so far:

  • Download the ISO image of Windows from Microsoft.
  • Using Boot Camp Assistant I successfully installed Windows 10 on my MacBook.
  • Windows is running perfectly.
  • While in Windows there is Boot Camp Control Panel to restart the MacBook using OS X.
  • Now I am running OS X.

The question is:

How can I restart the MacBook to run Windows from OS X?

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Two ways...

  1. If you want it to restart in Windows every time until told otherwise

    System Preferences > Startup Disk
    Click on the Windows boot partition & hit Restart...

  2. If you want to choose just this time, then back to Mac next reboot

    At the boot chimes, hold the Opt ⌥ key [ labelled Alt ⌥ on some keyboards] until you see a choice of boot volumes appear on the screen.
    Click Windows & then the arrow under it.

Number 1. is the equivalent of the Windows Boot Camp control panel, which makes the change "until told otherwise"


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