Cmd+Shift+L searches for the selected text in Google using Safari. Can I change this to use Firefox instead?


You can create a new service with automator, use the "Run Shell Script" action, and use:

open -a FireFox "http://www.google.com/search?q=$1"

as the shell script text, then save it as "Open with Firefox" or whatever you like.


follow this summary from this thread:

  1. Download and Install OnMyCommand/OMCEdit

  2. Open OMCEdit

  3. Click on "Download Commands" then "Download"

  4. Go in "Command Library"

  5. Choose #22 and click on "Append to Command"

  6. Change the name if you want (in "Command Name")

  7. Write " Top Level " in location if you don't want a sub-menu, or choose a name for the sub-menu ("In On My Command" is the default)

  8. Save

  9. You're done!

  • For the Automator method, I just had to ensure I had the input passed as arguments – Casebash Sep 27 '10 at 4:56
  • ya that screwed me up for a minute as well.. I was coming back to edit with that caveat ;P – Robert S Ciaccio Sep 27 '10 at 4:59
  • Actually, that only works if I select a single word, not a couple of words – Casebash Sep 27 '10 at 5:08
  • @Casebash my bad, move the end quotes to outside of the variable $1... updated post – Robert S Ciaccio Sep 27 '10 at 14:26
  • I wish there was a way to edit the default services, but I haven't been able to find anything other than statements about how they're "built into the operating system". – Robert S Ciaccio Sep 27 '10 at 15:23

What you need to do is create a new Automator service. Unfortunately, Firefox's AppleScript support sucks, so you'll have to do it manually.

You should be able to use a combination of the tips in this article and this comment, and the page Calavera linked to should give you a general idea of how to format the URLs.

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