I recently updated my macbook pro to macos 10.12. After I'm facing a lot of problems with file access.

  1. Whenever I try to save or open a file, the "File Open" dialog comes after 30-60 seconds. Till then I'll not able to do anything on the application. But other apps work fine.

  2. File->Open Recent is also taking the same amount of time. I've no option other than waiting for it load.

  3. Whenever I try to drag and drop a file it is not easier. As mentioned even this takes same time.

I think the above problems are associated with a common issue in the OS. Please let me know if you have any solutions.

  • What program are you using? My imac has the same problem,which finally turned to be folder privilege issue
    – FrontENG
    Nov 23 '16 at 6:57
  • My issue is with all applications. When I try saving a web page, downloading a file, the file open dialog freezes. It is with every application.
    – Kumar C
    Nov 23 '16 at 7:07
  • Better have a screen capture of folder info(Sharing&permission Part) of the folder(Users/Your currentuser folder).
    – FrontENG
    Nov 23 '16 at 7:14

The issue seems to be associated with iCloud drive. Here are two steps to resolve.

  1. I seem to have resolved the freezing dialog box problem by disabling iCloud Drive. I have been experiencing what seem to be exactly the same problems, even after two fresh Sierra installs.

  2. If you don't want to disable iCloud drive, use Finder-> Preferences-> Sidebar- Disable iCloud drive to remove the iCloud option on the Finder sidebar.


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