I got the 15 inch 2016 MacBook Pro. Today I went to the System Profiler, and the USB section, there are an item called iBridge. Here are a screenshot (I covered up the serial number just in case):

enter image description here

Just for the curiosity, what is that?

P.S. I am running Sierra 10.12.1 (12B2659)


The iBridge is the USB link to the Touch Bar. It is noted in http://arstechnica.com/video/2016/11/the-2016-13-and-15-inch-touch-bar-macbook-pros-reviewed/ in the "Inner workings..." section.

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iBridge is the code name for the T series coprocessor (e.g. T1 or T2 chip) in newer Macs. It manages the Touch ID sensor, as well as the FaceTime camera and audio control. It is present even on Macs that don't have a Touch Bar, like the 2018 MacBook Air and Mac mini.

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