I have a MBP with Sierra that I use in clamshell mode with external monitor and keyboard on wired network connection. When I am not using it I put it to sleep from the menu.

It wakes up on a keypress nice and quick but network is unreachable for about 10 seconds. How do I get rid of this KGB lag?


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If your Mac enters its full sleep state, then your network connections will be disconnected. Your Mac can not be connected to a network and be asleep at the same time.

You can avoid full sleep by setting your Computer Sleep to Never. Your MacBook will then sleep all the sub-systems possible when idle, but will remain awake enough to maintain a network connection.

PowerNap is not the same as full sleep. This is a special state controlled by Apple and, for now, available only to Apple's chosen processes.

  • Are you saying that it is quite normal that establishing network connection takes close to 10 seconds? My fedora connects in 2-3 secs. Are there any known tricks to speed it up, e.g. bypassing dhcp discover with fixed IP?
    – JC-
    Nov 22, 2016 at 19:07

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