For some strange reason when I try to type these keys:

  1. Grave = ` = keycode 50
  2. Or shift + Grave = tilde = ~ = I don't know the keycode

I get different chars, for the grave I get this = § and for the tilde I get this: ±

My keyboard is:

enter image description here

My PC is configured right as you can see in the image of the virtual kb:

enter image description here

I don't have a clue why! Someone how to solve this ?

  • What Keyboard are you using? US? Spanish? Portuguese? Italian? French? In macOS Sierra, if you hold down a vowel or consonant key, a small pop-up window appears with all the available diacritical and other marks available. A number appears above the selections, and typing that number inserts that character with the diacritical mark. – IconDaemon Nov 22 '16 at 1:31

I just could resolve it using a third app: Karabiner

You need to download Karabiner Elements, this version supports the Sierra, if you go to the website, the Karabiner software doesn't.

After installing it, you need to look in the readme for this section:

Change section key § with accent key `

Apply the configuration and everything will work again!


It sounds like your machine thinks you have an ISO keyboard (which has an extra key to the left of z for grave/tilde) instead of ANSI. Some possible fixes are at


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