I am asking this question because I feel it belongs on apple, not superuser. Also the perfect answer is not checked off there.

You hide a window using ⌘ + M. However even ⌘ + ⇥ to that window does not help as the window is minimized. How do you unminimize?

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    The correct way to go about this would have been to have a mod migrate the question. – Jason Salaz Sep 28 '11 at 18:21

A very quick keyboard method to un-minimize a specific window or un-minimize all of an app's minimized windows is this:

Command ⌘+Tab ⇥ to the app with minimized windows, but don't release the Command ⌘ key.

While still holding Command ⌘ down, tap Down ↓ twice, first tap enters App Exposé, second tap takes you to the minimized windows,

To un-minimize all windows, press Option ⌥+Return ↩

To un-minimize a specific window navigate to the window you want with the arrow keys, then press Return ↩

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    Nice. Lets keep this up. Good to know all the different ways to do this. – Dmitriy Likhten Sep 29 '11 at 22:42
  • You can also ⌘+Tab, keep holding ⌘, release tab, press option, release ⌘ – Chaos Apr 19 '17 at 16:46

When you ⌘ + ⇥ to that application, hold the key before releasing . This will reopen the application, typically bringing up a minimized window if there are no other windows up.

An alternative is to minimize using ⌘ + H which hides the window, but does not actually minimize it, therefore you can still ⌘ + ⇥ to it without any special action.

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    As a side note, I wish I could get the original answer a few hundred up votes. This is knowledge that apparently NOBODY has. People built scripts in that answer to get it working, yet there already exists a keyboard shortcut nobody is aware of. – Dmitriy Likhten Sep 28 '11 at 5:05
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    The Option-key trick will only work if all of an app's windows are minimized, and then it will only un-minimize one of the windows. – joelseph Sep 28 '11 at 5:40
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    +1 - So awesome to know. Can't believe I've just learned it today. – boehj Sep 28 '11 at 14:45
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    @Dmitriy: indeed, shortcut implementation on OSX is very inconsistent/unclear – Rabarberski Sep 30 '11 at 5:44

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