When connecting my PC to the iPhone WIFI hotspot, it assigned a 192.168.2.x address to my PC.
I really need to change this to a different address range as it conflicts with one of our work subnets.

Is it possible to configure the iPhone's DHCP settings so it gives out different addresses?

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The only settings that are user definable are the SSID, which is set at Settings > General > About > Name, and password, which is set at Settings > Personal Hotspot > Wi-Fi Password.
Address range is not modifiable.

Just checked my hotspot, and it matches what other users describe:

The iPhone has a small DHCP address pool that can give out 16 addresses ( Of these 16 addresses are 3 taken by the network, broadcast ( and and iPhone itself ( Leaving 13 addresses for other devices.

Your defined range seems unusual. Maybe it conflicts with your carrier address scope?

Some results from searching on the net: 1, 2 (too lousy to be called "References". It appears you cannot set the range on Android either).

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