Has anybody already installed Windows 10 and verified the workings of the Touch Bar with the normal function keys (+ ESC) as promised here?

Question from Abraham: Craig, am I correct in assuming that the Touch Bar becomes a row of visual function keys when using Windows with Boot Camp?

Federighi's answer: You are indeed!


I personally haven't had the chance to try so.
But this video from 9to5 mac shows the functionality of the touchbar in windows via bootcamp.
tips and tricks for the touchbar
Windows is mentioned at 6:50
enter image description here As you can see, the brightness and volume keys are available. And here is a picture of my new macbook in bootcamp showing the functionality of the fn button:
fn key in bootcamp

  • Almost made me 100% confident. The narrotor says so but doesnt actually show it (function keys displayed in the Touch Bar)... – Bernoulli IT Nov 21 '16 at 14:14
  • 1
    well I do receive my new mbp with touch bar on the 23th and I intend to install bootcamp on it so I can show you that it really is true then :) – dennismuijs Nov 21 '16 at 14:32
  • That would be very nice! – Bernoulli IT Nov 21 '16 at 16:43
  • Received the MBP today? – Bernoulli IT Nov 23 '16 at 15:57
  • Yes I did! And the guy in the video is telling the truth, I will post a picture in a few hours showing the function keys – dennismuijs Nov 23 '16 at 16:01

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