One thing about MacOS I don't understand is how to quickly navigate the Finder in terms of quickly editing your file path.

I.e in a centralised Version Control I may have

/Software Projects/My Project/Branch1/Solution/Models/

and I want to get to

/Software Projects/My Project/Branch2/Solution/Models/

In Windows, I would just quickly go to the file path and swap the 1 for a 2, but in Mac "Go To Folder" always retains the last folder I used, and it appears I either have to type the whole path out, or open a second Finder window, "Go to Folder", drag the folder from my first window in and then swap the 1 for a 2.

There MUST be a way for "Go to folder" to just load the current working directory...but I can't seem to find a way anywhere!


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A pretty quick solution in Sierra:

  • Press cmd + alt + C or alt + right click on item -> copy "foo" as path name
  • Then press cmd + shift + G and paste your copied path with cmd + V
  • Edit your pasted path and press Enter

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