I installed parallels 11 on my iMac and installed windows on it. Then I'm trying to install my ATI card on windows so I can install the Catalyst manager as I want to disable the anti-aliasing option as shown here and here, and to do so I need to have the Catalyst control centre installed. So I want to have the Catalyst control centre installed, Any suggestions please?

This is my iMac display details:

enter image description here

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I doubt you'll get a graphics driver to install in Parallels, as it's using Parallels own driver. Even if you did, it would only disable AA in Windows, not in the Mac.
You might have a better chance in Boot Camp, as at least you can install the drivers to that.

Alternatively, did you try just disabling font smoothing in System Prefs > General ?

  • Thanks for your answer. Would it work if I installed Vmare fusion instead of parallels?
    – Tak
    Nov 19, 2016 at 3:20

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