@jackjr300 Can one automate the creation of a stack of folders residing in another folder location on the hard disk. That target stack should be copied and pasted somewhere else on the hard drive folder structure of the user. It should be 'duplicated' though, to contain all view property settings as defined for that 'container' stack. A Mac OSX 10.8.5 only solution is just fine.

How would that script look like and how to use it?

My current tediously ridiculous manual workflow A:

A0) I open a new Finder window
A1) I open the root folder
A2) I open the sub folder
A3) I change the view from column view to list view
A4) I open the select folder
A5) I maintain the list view from the previous folder
A6) I click the select arrow in front to see the two subsequent folder options I could select to copy for duplication somewhere else on the drive


A7) I make a copy of the preferred folder set to be used in my final target folder that folder 'container' set should be duplicated in

My current tediously ridiculous manual workflow B:

B0) I close that finder window A
B1) I now open again another Finder Window
B2) I then select a different root folder
B3) I then select again another sub folder in that new root folder


B4) I then paste the previous copied folder set from A7 into that folder.


This way, 9 folders from the workflow A 'departure' directory, all containing the exact same view properties settings, get pasted inside the Workflow B 'arrival' directory, thus allowing to start renaming those 9 duplicated sub folders, all being at the same 'parent' level. These 'parents' in turn allowing to create 'siblings' from those 'arrival' folder sub sets. When I go from column view here, to list view what I want, the only thing I need to do is clicking the list view sort option in the Finder window to be able to read all the 'comments' added to the initial 9 'departure' folders.

Now, I have to do this a thousand times and on top of that, I need to rename folder one through nine from folder_copy, folder_copy2, folder_copy3 etc by selecting the name, hitting the return button to rename it, typing the new name to be assigned to that folder and hitting enter again to finish that routine.

I'm pretty sure there are way better solutions to do all of this at once.

I WAS THINKING ALONG THE LINES OF: An automator script that does the following upon double clicking it...

  1. Open me a new Finder window
  2. Follow the path to reach the target folder as defined in my script
  3. Select me the target folder in the path as defined in my script
  4. Set the view properties of that target folder to List View
  5. Paste the folder contents of the folder container referred to in my script in that target folder

Now I keep getting 9 subfolders in vertical stacking all the time. Then I need to get back in to delete the ones I don't need.

With this script I wouldn't have to do that. It then would be possible to instruct the creation of 3 only containing the exact view properties for list view for example. List view then being a container of properties defining 'Filename, Label and Comments' as the appropriate sort options I need.

This script resulting in the automated creation of

  1. Me new folder
  2. The three folders I wanted to paste in my new folder
  3. Folder three A being named MyPreferredNameA in the script
    Folder three B being named MyPreferredNameB in the script
    Folder three C being named MyPreferredNameC in the script

And this with options to create up to nine in just one hit after double clicking the ScriptCreate-3View-CommentFolders_ or ScriptCreate-6View-CommentFolders_ for that matter.

I know this is a very complicated challenge but I'm convinced the brave among you will get it. If you don't, suggest me to break up the challenge at hand for better understanding when needed.

Thank you so much for helping me out once more. LOVE GRATITUDE RESPECT PEACE

  • Besides all gratefully received wishes (LGRP) I need to train my short-term memory because after reading half of the wall I forgot the first quarter and reading the last three sentences I've already forgotten all previous. Maybe you should add your own research like an incomplete script/automator action. – klanomath Nov 21 '16 at 1:10
  • Tx a lot for telling me. I was afraid this would happen. To me it's crystal clear obviously. So I'll break my question up in pieces. This is script 108 I am wrestling with so if you hear the call to join me, have a look at 108_A1 and see whether we could fix this riddle together. Tx a lot 4 your swift reply. – Automator Nov 21 '16 at 10:04

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