I have a problem. I used command chflags hidden to hide a folder named !_TRANSCODE. Now I'm trying to undo this by typing chflags no hidden !_TRANSCODE and I get this error: -bash: !_TRANSCODE: event not found

Last login: Tue Nov 15 13:12:47 on ttys000
Marks-iMac:~ StefanCzapla$ cd /Volumes/THE_REASON_MASTER_1
Marks-iMac:THE_REASON_MASTER_1 StefanCzapla$ ls
!_TRANSCODE 03.02.16 Stock Footage
02.23.16                03.03.16                The Reason VFX.zip
02.24.16                03.04.16                test
02.25.16                03.05.16                vfx
02.26.16                1,001 Sound FX          voiceover
02.27.16                Music
03.01.16                Project 
Marks-iMac:THE_REASON_MASTER_1 StefanCzapla$ chflags nohidden !_TRANSCODE
-bash: !_TRANSCODE: event not found
Marks-iMac:THE_REASON_MASTER_1 StefanCzapla$ 

Any help appreciated!

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You should escape the !.


chflags nohidden \!_TRANSCODE

! is a special character to bash, it is used to refer to previous commands. A more extensive explanation can be found at: What is “-bash: !”: event not found"

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