I have a hard drive taken from an old macbook. I am working on a university iMac, I want to run applications such as Android Studio from the External Hard drive however when I run the application from the external drive, the machine loads the Android studio application on the iMac not the External version. How can I get around this?


To open the app from an external disk, you have to refer to it explicitly using a Terminal command:

open /Volumes/<volume_name_of_external_disk>/<path_to_application>/Android\ Studio.app

Having never used Android Studio, I don't know if there is a space between 'Android' and 'Studio' in the app name. If there is, the back-slash character in the open command is required to delimit the space character.

Ex: open /Volumes/ExternalDisk/Applications/Android\ Studio.app

  • ok thanks I will try this when I'm next in the lab – Joshua of X Nov 16 '16 at 0:26

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