With named ranges it is more convenient to operate formulas. For instance, instead of typing =SUM(C20:C30) you can enter =SUM(FirstQuarterSales)

Where is Name Manager located in Excel 2016? I don't see any button in the Formulas Ribbon:

enter image description here


There is no special button for the Name Manager in any version of Excel for Mac. However, you can call it by pressing + fn + F3.

The dialog window will appear, where you can enter name for a data range and a range of cells: enter image description here

Another way is to click Insert>Name>Define and modify,add,or delete data ranges names.

  • Just a comment from the experience. Please, be aware that there is probably a bug and Excel may accidentally and randomly change named ranges! Check and if you have same bad experience, just don't use them. – Denis Rasulev Jan 24 '17 at 8:37

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