I've been asked to replace the logic board of a mid-2010 MacBook Pro 15" Unibody 2.66GHz Core i7 laptop.

When I check the exploded view of my Apple Technician Guide for this MacBook Pro, it lists part number 661-5480 for the 2.66GHz model. However, upon checking various stockists I see both 661-5480 and 661-6362 used interchangeably for this particular logic board.

My copy of the Apple Technician Guide for this computer is dated 5 August 2010. Now, since Apple had to implement a recall program for this particular model due to issues with the GPU (NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M) and/or the on-board Intel HD Graphics, it's clear this occurred after my copy of the Apple Technician Guide was produced.


  • I am wondering whether the two part numbers signify that one was the original logic board part number and the other was for the replacement logic board?

Regardless of your answer above, please advise how you know.

My concern is that I would want to avoid any used or refurbished logic boards with the original part number.

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