Is there an iPhone 4 compatible Car Kit which supports charging, playing Music through the car stereo + Hands Free Calls?

I've looked at a few kits, eg from Parrot but not many (if any?) seems to be iPhone 4/iOS4 compatible?

I currently have my iPhone plugged into my stereo, but since I upgraded to iPhone it no longer charges which is why I need to upgrade.

Any suggestions welcome


If you already happy with your connection and the only main problem is the Not Charging part, I would strongly suggest that you contact the creators of your connector and ask for an upgrade as it is a simple power problem as the new iPhone 4 needs different Amps to charge correctly.

If you want a new connection, I know Dension is very good on this and integrates well with several brands of vehicles so you can use your radio to also see music details.


I have used this gadget very successfully: http://www.amazon.com/Satechi-Bluetooth-Hands-free-Transmitter-supported/dp/B000NVYVRO

Its a bluetooth A2DP hands free set and also has a USB port for charging your phone


ProClip has various solutions with cables, connectors, and specific car mounts. I've tried many of them, but use a TomTom car kit for navigation. But based on my experience ProClip is one of the best solution on the market today, with one minus: the price.


RoadTune Universal Hands-free Car Kit with FM Transmitter features a 1 Amp USB Car Charger and FM Transmitter which enables you to wirelessly transmit music and hands-free calls from your iPhone through your car's stereo system.

See also this video overview.

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