This application is not listed in my apps, nor does it ship with an uninstaller I can locate. The support site says to contact their support team, but the product is not listed in the drop down for support requests.

Here's what I tried so far in order to get it to stop running, so I could safely delete the program from disk, but it didn't help:

  1. sudo ps aux | grep -i endpoint
  2. sudo launchctl list | grep -i bitdefender
  3. for each bitdefender product listed: sudo launchctl remove
  4. reboot

The application ran again after reboot.


I might be a bit late on this one, but the uninstall script is here:


There should be a shortcut in the applications folder too.

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Note that if you have multiple Bitdefender products installed and you only want to remove one of them, this is not the right approach.

  1. finder go to /Library/StartupItems, then delete Bitdefender folder
  2. finder go to /Library/LaunchDaemons, then delete com.bitdefender.* items
  3. finder go to /Library/LaunchAgents, then delete com.bitdefender.* items
  4. sudo ps aux | grep -i endpoint, note process pid
  5. sudo kill -9
  6. reboot

The program no longer launches after reboot. Now clean up its files from disk:

  1. sudo rm -rf /Applications/Bitdefender
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    You're supposed to do it from your UTM dashboard, btw, that's what it's for. The consumer products should have an uninstaller & a user dashboard at the Sophos web site. The corporate version is all handled from the UTM. – Tetsujin Nov 10 '16 at 17:18

This method only works if you startup disk is not encrypted:

  • Restart your Mac and hold Cmd + R during boot to go into recovery mode
  • In the menu bar choose Utilities > Terminal

Execute in the terminal:

cd /Volumes/[Your-Mac-HD-Name]
cd Library/
rm -f LaunchAgents/com.bitdefender.*
rm -f LaunchDaemons/com.bitdefender.*
rm -rf Bitdefender
  • Reboot your Mac
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