This application is not listed in my apps, nor does it ship with an uninstaller I can locate. The support site says to contact their support team, but the product is not listed in the drop down for support requests.

Here's what I tried so far in order to get it to stop running, so I could safely delete the program from disk, but it didn't help:

  1. sudo ps aux | grep -i endpoint
  2. sudo launchctl list | grep -i bitdefender
  3. for each bitdefender product listed: sudo launchctl remove
  4. reboot

The application ran again after reboot.

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I might be a bit late on this one, but the uninstall script is one of


There should be a shortcut in the applications folder too.


Note that if you have multiple Bitdefender products installed and you only want to remove one of them, this is not the right approach.

  1. finder go to /Library/StartupItems, then delete Bitdefender folder
  2. finder go to /Library/LaunchDaemons, then delete com.bitdefender.* items
  3. finder go to /Library/LaunchAgents, then delete com.bitdefender.* items
  4. sudo ps aux | grep -i endpoint, note process pid
  5. sudo kill -9
  6. reboot

The program no longer launches after reboot. Now clean up its files from disk:

  1. sudo rm -rf /Applications/Bitdefender
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    You're supposed to do it from your UTM dashboard, btw, that's what it's for. The consumer products should have an uninstaller & a user dashboard at the Sophos web site. The corporate version is all handled from the UTM.
    – Tetsujin
    Commented Nov 10, 2016 at 17:18

This method only works if you startup disk is not encrypted:

  • Restart your Mac and hold Cmd + R during boot to go into recovery mode
  • In the menu bar choose Utilities > Terminal

Execute in the terminal:

cd /Volumes/[Your-Mac-HD-Name]
cd Library/
rm -f LaunchAgents/com.bitdefender.*
rm -f LaunchDaemons/com.bitdefender.*
rm -rf Bitdefender
  • Reboot your Mac

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